Metallisorvaamo Pitkänen Oy is purely focused on subcontracting. We do not have our own products – we manufacture products based on customer drawings. Typical products include different kinds of pins, bushings, nipples, and flanges.

"Draw what you need, we’ll manufacture it!"


With our lathe equipment we are able to manufacture products with a diameter range of 5-300 mm and with a maximum length of about 300 mm. In addition to these dimensions, there is a weight limit of about 10 kg per piece.

This whole range can be manufactured with fully automatic machines, lathe parts up to ø 80mm directly from bar and ø 80-300 mm with a robotic cell. In addition, we have a horizontal machining center equipped with a 300 * 300 mm table.

Batches to suit your needs!

Our batch sizes are usually between 20 and 10 000 pieces. We also do small-scale assembly work, for example, various kinds of valves.

Contact us and let’s get started!